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What is Holiness? With Carrie Mills

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This week on The Socratic Dialogue with Kristin Llamas we dive into a pretty deep discussion about ‘ What is Holiness?’, with guest speaker Carrie Mills, the curator for the JCC in Nashville and the advertising manager for the Jewish Observer. Have you ever thought about what holiness truly means to you? Well, Carrie has given it some thought and has shared with us her views on the subject by describing holiness as a spiritual essence that is found through self love. Listen to how she was able to achieve true peace through all of the trials and tribulations she had to overcome in her life.

Episode Notes

Holiness is definitely a difficult topic to discuss, it seems that it is one of those faux pas topics during proper gatherings, because let’s be honest, it can be a tricky one to navigate. There is a lot of passion and conviction that stems from an individual’s beliefs and lifestyles, and oftentimes in history people have gone to war over religious disagreements or differences.

So in this episode, Kristin Llamas has invited Carrie Mills, curator of the art galleries at the Nashville Jewish Community Center, to join her in discussing holiness outside the realm of organized religion. The question seems to become "What is the essence of holiness?" as they enter into a humbled conversation about the quest for holiness.

Carrie Mills is curator of the art galleries at the Gordon Jewish Community Center, or JCC here in Nashville and she also writes for the Jewish Observer. Carrie’s life has been filled with creativity, from fashion and product design in New York to now styling models for Vogue photoshoots. Listen to how she has found her way to Nashville, TN and all the adventures she had inbetween.

Mills shares with us that her spirituality is collecting essences that come from the best parts of various religions that she has encountered. The many paths that she has taken has lead her to find that the heart of holiness is self-love. She explains that in order to truly share love with others you must understand how to love yourself. Although loving yourself maybe harder to learn and do, it is essential for spiritual growth. She recalls a moment where she asked her rabbi “where do you find God?”...her response, “within yourself.”

Grow your understanding of holiness this week with Carrie and Kristin. Learn how self-care and self-love can help strengthen your spirituality and share your thoughts on what holiness means to you.

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Look back on art history and it is easy to see how much of an influence religion and beliefs played a role in art. From the depictions of ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses to large frescoes commissioned by the Catholic Church, such as Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel, we quickly see religious storytelling through the old masters.

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