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What is Wonder? With Aaron Grayum

Episode Summary

“I wonder....?” Do you remember being a child and asking that question on a daily basis? Think back to when your entire existence was based upon wondering how things happen, why, and what if? We lived in a constant state of wonderment, which led us to gain incredible amounts of knowledge in such a short time. Just think of what you learned from year one to year ten of your life! That wonder also sparked joy, creativity, and innovation. All of which makes life so much more rewarding! Get ready to feel so much wonder + delight with the newest episode of The Socratic Dialogues starring Aaron Grayum. We discuss the topic of wonder and how it may just be the most important thing your life is missing if you have let wonder disappear in adulthood.

Episode Notes

We are so excited to have Nashville Artist, Aaron Grayum in the studio for this week’s episode, ‘What is Wonder?’ Aaron uses wonder in his artwork as he gives a voice to his 5 yr old self through his childlike style paintings. We discuss what wonder is, why it is significant in our lives, and how to preserve it from childhood into our adult lives. Join us as we wonder about wonder!

As children, our curiosity is limitless, allowing the smallest of things give us wonder and happiness, but as we grow, our sense of wonder and excitement diminishes. When did little things stop kindling joy for us anymore? Have you ever wondered why?

Our guest, Aaron Grayum, believes it might have to do with our awareness of others around us that causes us to lose the freedom to wonder. Yet, as adults, how can rebuild our curiosity and wonder?

Marc Chagall, once said, “the dignity of the artist lies in his duty of keeping awake the sense of wonder in the world.” Kristin chose the right artist to help keep the wonder alive in this week’s discussion, ‘What is Wonder?’, Aaron Grayum joins us and share his methods on keeping wonder alive in his artwork and in his life. Turning childlike doodles into massive paintings gives Aaron the perfect voice in helping all of us revitalize our sense of wonder.

In the Metaphysics, Aristotle says “it is wonder that led the first philosophers to philosophy, since a man who is puzzled thinks of himself as ignorant and philosophizes to escape from his ignorance.” Having a sense of wonder will push people to understand the world around them. Instead of creating divisions with comparisons, lets wonder and grow to understand what makes us all different, then truly come to appreciate those differences. It is amazing to see how wonder can help lead to admiration.

What does wonder mean to you? Share your thoughts with us!

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Painting titled OK by Aaron Grayum